Detecting and Deterring Drugs in Shetland


From the very beginning, Dogs Against Drugs has been committed to delivering free drugs education in Shetland Schools.

We have visited every school in Shetland and have delivered education packages to thousands of children since 2003.

Our input is tailored to the individual class and can be delivered from Primary 1 all the way up to Secondary 6 and beyond.

If you would like DAD to deliver a talk to your group or business, please contact us to see if we can help.

Colouring In

Download: Colour in Labrador 1

Download: Colour in Labrador 2

Below are some of the comments we have received from Teachers and from some adults who have attended our classes.

  • “Eye opening and Informative.”
  • “Really engaging and gave a clear and honest view to the pupils. Very informative.”
  • “The whole session was super and I thought the presentation style was really engaging for everyone.”
  • “Informative, entertaining and educational.”
  • “Well presented and informative.”
  • “A very passionate and friendly speaker.”
  • “Instructor was well spoken and kept your attention. My questions were fully answered.”
  • “Interesting topic. Info made more live by humour and anecdotes. Thanks for a great session.”
  • “Very professional.”
  • “Good atmosphere within the class.”

Bairn’s Corner