Detecting and Deterring Drugs in Shetland

Bairns' Corner

This page is dedicated to the brilliant pictures, paintings and colourings we receive from the groups we visit. Dogs Against Drugs has been visiting schools and young people for over 10 years now and it would have been impossible for us to include all of the amazing pictures we receive but here is a selection of some of our favourites.

We will update this page periodically with the new pictures we receive from the schools we visit. If you would like to share a picture you have done at home then please feel free to post us your work to the address on the Contact Us section, we really do love receiving them. If you like colouring better than drawing why not download some of the cartoon pictures of our dogs and get the crayons out?

Colouring In

Download: Colour in Labrador 1

Download: Colour in Labrador 2

We look forward to seeing your work!