Detecting and Deterring Drugs in Shetland


  • To assist in the detection and prevention of drug abuse within Shetland.
  • To provide a high profile, visible deterrent to those involved in the drugs scene or those contemplating becoming  involved.
  • To assist the police and other agencies in the detection of illegal drugs and in deterring the abuse of such substances as per the ethos of community safety.
  • To deter and prevent Shetland being used as a conduit for drug trafficking.
  • To promote discussion and debate within the community regarding all aspects of drug abuse, including social, health, education and legal perspectives.
  • To provide trained drugs detection dogs which will be based permanently in Shetland.
  • To develop and implement operational and educational plans to achieve our aims.
  • To deliver drugs education to as many children in Shetland as possible and to work with our partner agencies to help educate tomorrow's generations on the realities of illegal drugs.